The ultimate logistics business App.

STRATOPOD is a mobile business application that guarantees an immediate ROI with its optimal streamlining of delivery operations.  Real time visibility and recording of delivery activities, including digital signatures, leads to improved customer service and expedites issue resolution. The STRATOPOD application has been architectured to remove risk, reduce loss and improve delivery time and accuracy.

Next generation delivery innovation

Innovations that improve your customers’ experience can result in increased satisfaction and a more robust bottom line. STRATOPOD provides organizations with power at your fingertips. It empowers organizations with the means to accurately, efficiently and safely endorse delivery documentation digitally at customer sites and to relay applicable information to all Supply Chain participants in real time.

Key Facts

  • STRATOPOD is a mobile business application designed specifically to improve delivery processes for logistics-focused businesses.
  • STRATOPOD is a cloud-based mobile application that facilitates digitization of delivery operations including the capture of digital signatures for proof of delivery.

  • STRATOPOD is designed on an innovative, digital platform. Providing a single, connected system that simplifies and digitizes delivery.

    STRATOPOD provides a ROI from the very first delivery.

Key Features

  • Digitization platform
  • Portable across most mobile devices
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Barcode scanning
  • Electronic signatures to endorse delivery notes
  • Capturing evidence as the delivery happens
  • Delivery note statistics and history
  • Offline access
  • Data synchronisation
  • Easy configuration to suit your business needs
  • Seamless integration
  • Advanced security
  • Tracking devices with Geo-locations and Google maps
  • High availability with easy accessibility
  • Simple user interface
  • Camera functionality to allow for photographic evidence
  • Responsive, allowing for mobile payment processing
  • Caters for deliveries from diverse sources in a single shipment
  • Dynamic rescheduling and re-allocation of goods in transit


  • Digitization of the delivery process
  • Improve data accuracy and efficiency
  • Real-time data and visibility
  • Reduced errors
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • More reliable cash flow
  • Cloud-based efficiency
  • Return on investment
  • Improves dispute resolution

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